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Cold Calling

6 Winning Cold Call Scripts

Rigid, outdated call scripts are a one-way ticket to a “no” from your prospect. Short, flexible scripts can help you navigate the phases of every cold call and maximize the chances of a positive outcome.

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Email Lead-Gen

5 Key Steps To Email Offers That Deliver Leads

Your “offer” is the secret sauce of email lead-gen success—without one, your prospect has no reason to click or reply. Use this step-by-step guide to create email offers that resonate with your prospects, and deliver you leads and sales.

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Cold Calling

The New Rules of Cold Calling

Cold calling isn’t dead; it’s evolving. Embrace efficiency, prioritize appointments, blend calls with emails, and refine your script for a modern twist on a classic tactic. With the right strategy, cold calling transcends its old-school reputation, proving itself as a vital, dynamic component of B2B sales success.

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Sales & Prospecting

The 7 Skills of Master Sales Hunters

Master sales hunters view sales as a noble profession, where integrity, expertise, and commitment are central to success. They understand that sales is about solving problems and fulfilling needs, not just closing deals.

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